Small Business Cashs – Approvals in Hours, Cash In Days

business_cash_advancesSmall Business Cashs

One of the advantages of working with the us is that we fund small business cashs lightning fast. We can get someone approved for a small business cash within 24 hours. Once approved, our clients receive their small business cash in days. This is important when you have an opportunity that needs to be tended to right away.  Getting a traditional loan rakes a lot of time and requires a mountain of paperwork. A small business cash is simple fast and easy…and gives you the flexibility to take advantage of any opportunity that comes your way.

We also offer a complete line of small business cashs Unlike most of our competitors, we have access to a wide variety of products. This diverse lineup gives you more options and can save you time and money; which are both critical to the busy business owner. But it is not just about choosing from a variety of small business cashs that separates us from the competition, it is also about our people.

Our knowledge and experience in the small business cash field means that we can see the proper solution to our client’s needs right away. We can suggest some small business cashs over others, drawing from that knowledge and experience. We do everything possible to help our clients make happy and successful.

Here are some of the advantages of our small business cashs:

  • Busines cash advances from $5,000 to $500,000
  • Simple 1 page application
  • Approval within 25 hours
  • No credit worries
  • Cash in your bank in days
  • Flexible repayment options
  • Pay back as a small percentage of future revenue
  • No personal guarantees
  • No collateral needed
  • Fast, friendly service

In order to qualify for on of our small business cashs your business must be at least 3 months old and you must also show a history of bringing in at least $3,000 a month average. That is all we require. You can now see why the paperwork is so simple and the approval process is so quick. Can you imagine walking into your local bank and having them put up to $500,000 into your bank in days?  Of course not.  You would still be filling out paperwork at that point.  That is why we feel our small business cashs are such an important part of every business owner’s toolbox

Think about it for a second.  Imagine if you had an incredible opportunity come your way. Unfortunately, that opportunity would require cash that you did not have at the moment. Let’s say the opportunity was also a limited time deal, such as buying inventory for pennies on the dollar because someone in your industry was going out of business.  If you went to a bank, you would not get your money in time.  In fact, banks are not lending cash the way they did just a few short years ago.  Even if they were fast, chances are many business would not be approved.

This is where small business cashs come into play. Business cash advances makes it possible for owners to get the cash they need quickly to close any deal or opportunity that comes their way. Continuing with this example, the business owner comes to us, The Small Business Cash Company, for a $30,000 small business cash. The fill out our one page application and send us some documentation regarding their past few months revenue.  We shop around for the best small business cashs, educate the client regard their options and they choose a program. We sign the paperwork and the cash gets wired into the clients bank in days.  They close the deal and their business grows.We do this day in and day out for businesses across the country.

Let’s continue with this example post funding. The business, armed with the working cash they need, close the deal and gets $25,000 dollars worth of inventory at vary favorable pricing. He or she uses the additional $5,000 on a new media marketing campaign. The campaign works and merchandise is flying off their shelves.  Each time there is a transaction, we collect a small percentage until the loan is repaid.  It is not a fixed amount, like a traditional loan, simply that small percentage of the sale. The business owner is actually bringing more revenue than before the advance due to the marketing and inexpensive product. It is a win / win for all involved.

Most small business cashs are used for business reasons, but you can use the money anyway you want. Sometimes, a business owner has a family issue that also requires cash that they might not have on hand. They can turn to us, select from one of our small business cashs and use the cash to meet that personal need. Since the pay back is still a small percentage of their future revenue, they are not stuck with a fixed monthly payment, like a conventional personal loan. If the family need temporarily impacts their business, they have the comfort of knowing they do not have a large monthly payment to deal with and can focus on their family and business.

I hope you can see the advantages of small business cashs.  Are they the right tool for every situation?  Of course not. They are, however,  an important part of a smart business owner’s financial arsenal.

Call us at (866) 739-5558 and let us see if a small business cash is right for your needs. Contact us today and be approved for small business cashs tomorrow.